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As a busy business owner and Mother, my client needed support to build a business she felt proud of, an inspiring and attractive online source of information for clients, and to free up some of her time from the admin of manually booking clients in for appointments.

We have just relaunched the business in September 2023 with a new brand identity, renovated cabin to reflect this, brand new website with online booking system and social media strategy and management.


Our ongoing partnership has enabled her to focus on her clients and growing her knowledge of different treatments, knowing that her marketing is taken care of.

Brand Identity & Cabin Renovation

The Nail Cabin needed a brand refresh to present a more welcoming and attracting identity to current and potential customers. The new brand logo and colour palette set the tone for the cabin restyling and renovation.

The logo needed to be flexible enough to be used on different pieces of communication so has various versions and lock ups.

A brand colour palette helps give consistency and style to all elements.

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becky site.png

Website design & build

To provide a seamless client experience I designed and built this website, including writing all the copy and planning and creating all the content.

The new website uses imagery from a branding shoot I managed in order to show off the new cabin and business owner professionally.

I also sourced an external booking system and integrated it into the website to create a seamless customer experience, and alleviate admin time for my client.


The website is fully optimised for mobile which is so important as 85% of the website traffic is from mobiles.

Social media content

Social media can easily feel overwhelming and fall to the bottom of a long to do list for business owners.

I have devised a clear social media strategy and using out bank of imagery and brand identity assets I create engaging posts to build a following and create a connection with followers.

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