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My Services

I specialise in working with small business owners or entrepreneurs who need support with their marketing but lack the time or knowledge to be able to do it themselves.

I am very flexible and happy to work on an ad hoc basis or we can discuss an ongoing support package. I can work with you to discover what would help your business the most.


You may need help from the beginning of creating a brand or you may have a business already but want to take the next step in building your brand and awareness.

Below are the main areas I can offer support but please do contact me for an initial chat to see if I can help you.

Brand identity
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Brand logos & identity

Your brand logo is your identity and often the first interaction people have with your brand so it’s important that it represents your business in the right way.

I can help develop your brand identity by creating a new logo, brand name, colour palette, font recommendations and even mission statement or business summary.

I’m happy to start from the beginning, or give your current look and feel a refresh.


Brand identity bundles from £500.

Website development

Website design & development


Your website acts as your shop window and is the destination for information for prospective and current customers.

Your website needs to showcase who you are, what you can offer people and why they should come to you, in a clear, simple and attractive way.

I use Wix website design to build a website that is easy to update frequently. This includes full content planning, design & development, copywriting & build.


I’m able to teach you how to do this once we’ve finalised the site, or I’m very happy to help on an ad hoc or regular basis to make updates for you.

Most clients spend around £1,000.

Marketing materials

Marketing materials

As a brand it’s important that all your communications are as consistent as possible to give a professional and clear message to your customers.


I can design marketing materials such as customer information packs, brochures, flyers, business cards, social posts or adverts.

Price depends on requirements.


Business promotion
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Social media

Your social media presence reflects your brand's personality, and it's likely that your potential customers will make assumptions on your business from viewing your social media. That's why a well-crafted social media strategy and content plan are vital.

I can assist in developing a personalised strategy and plan, to ensure that your online presence resonates with your audience in the right way. If you need support with creating the content that looks appealing and reflects your brand I can help with content management too.

Strategy from £400

Business admin

Marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy is the roadmap to your brand's success. Just like your logo is your visual identity, your strategy is your route to connecting with your audience in the right way.

I can help in crafting a bespoke marketing strategy, ensuring it aligns with your brand identity. Whether you're starting from scratch or need support to take a new approach, I'm here to help.

Strategy from £500

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